Ann Onymous

Ann Onymous joined the MomLife Today writing team out of desperation. She recognized there were just some issues in life she had to share with others and this was the only God-honoring way to do so. She loves the Lord with all her heart and struggles to survive day to day life while keeping her head held high – with a joyful attitude. She hopes you will learn from her life experiences, mistakes, frustrations, and stressful MOMents and that you will be mindful of what she shares as you struggle with uncomfortable situations in your own momlife.

Not Popular Enough

My bubbly junior high school daughter had been quiet for several days. I’m getting used to her hormonal mood swings, but this funk was lasting longer than usual. A few non-invasive, “Are you all right?” inquiries were met with off-handed, “I’m fine” replies.  But clearly she was not “all right.” I’ve learned that teens’ favorite Continue »

A Wise Woman Builds her Home…

A while back one of my sweet friends complained her husband had ruined something while doing housework—and he heard all about it. Several times. My first response was, “He does housework?” I’ve been around the sun more than a few times and I’ve heard more wives than you can imagine complain about their husbands. Sad Continue »