My Favorite Marriage Conference

John and I recently celebrated 46 years of marriage. Over the years we’ve been to a lot of marriage conferences and spoken at over 60 ourselves. The one we’re most excited about is FamilyLife’s Weekend to Remember® marriage getaway. We’ve been speaking with this extraordinary team for 18 years. (We are just one of many couples who speak.) Being a part of these conferences has had a huge, positive impact on our own marriage.

So what’s so unique about the Weekend to Remember?

  1. The speakers are funny and vulnerable. There is no pretense and you can identify with so many of the stories told.
  2. The conferences, which are biblically based, are friendly to folks of any faith or those of no faith. (The gospel is clearly presented, but in a winsome, attractive, and thoughtful manner.)
  3. My response in attending our first conference was, “These people make me feel normal! And they make me laugh!”
  4. The speakers have a way of normalizing conflict while providing solid teaching and specific, practical takeaways.
  5. These conferences are great “preventive medicine” for any marriage. All five of our kids have been to one. We gave it to them as a part of their wedding package and asked them to attend sometime during their first two years of marriage. Now they recommend it to their friends. It’s easy to go in with someone else and give the conference as a wedding gift.
  6. It’s a good opportunity to have a weekend away alone with your spouse. There are no small groups so you don’t have to talk to anyone else!
  7. These conferences are a great asset to the local church. My husband is a pastor and over the years we’ve probably sent over 300 couples to a Weekend to Remember. (Churches can enroll to get group discounts.)

You can probably tell we are big on this conference. If we invest in further education for our careers how much more important is investing in our marriage? In the long run, it’s an investment in our kids and grandkids as well.

FamilyLife has generously offered a $100.00 discount for you to attend any conference. Simply enter SPEAKERTEAM into the group name box for the discount when you register.

John and I are speaking at the following upcoming conferences:

November 13-15: Sioux Falls, South Dakota

March 3-5: Sunriver, Oregon

April 8-10: Branson, Missouri

We hope you can join us!

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