5 Ways to Display Adorenaments All Year Long

Why have I been so prone to compartmentalize the Babe in the manger to a single season? The Incarnation is a story that should be told and remembered all year long, not just at Christmas. As a friend just said, “He is the reason for every season, not just Christmas.”

When I first began crafting the Adorenaments® line of Christmas ornaments, I hoped I would find ways to use them in my home beyond the month of December. Decorating my home with reminders of Jesus’ story has now become a year-round reality. Here are five easy ways that I’ve displayed the names of Jesus in our home year round.

1. Frame the ornaments for meaningful home accents. Using a vintage frame I found at a flea market, I removed the glass and added a page of Christmas music torn from an old hymnal, also a flea market find. You can choose your favorite name or names, depending on your frame size, from His Christmas Names. Mine is on an easel on my entry table, but you can hang or display yours anywhere in your home for daily reminders of His nearness that began that first Christmas morning.

Frame the ornament2. Grab our DIY kit. Some of us don’t have the leisure to rummage through thrift store treasures. So Ever Thine Home® created a kit that includes rustic frames made from Oklahoma farm fences and tattered hymn pages. We have included the Prince of Peace ornament in the kit. This gentle name, framed inside a rough wooden enclosure, reminds me of the innocent Savior who gave His life on the rough, rugged cross.

DIY kit3. Add Jesus in the details. I added a few more names of Jesus to other places in my home: the switch of a floor lamp and a table lamp; the top of an easel holding a framed photo which shows from the back; and resting on top of an old hymnal tied with twine.

details4. Brighten a window. Last Christmas I was so delighted with the glittered crowns we created for His Royal Names that I hung all seven of them on birch logs in my kitchen window. You can easily do the same with any kind of branches you find. Spray paint them white to mimic birch logs. The sun will make them sparkle by day, and by night their silhouettes declare that Jesus is Lord of all 24 hours of each day. If you enjoy the scene as much as I have mine, you may choose to leave the royal names up all year. Mine are now slightly tarnished from the continuous exposure to the air and our strong summer sunlight, but I love them just the same.

brighten a window5. Get creative. His Savior Names are designed to be displayed both on Christmas trees and on stands (a set of three stands of varying heights is available at everthinehome.com). Or try lining them up in an empty vintage frame, all hung with tiny clothespins from the wire still attached to the back. A friend had this idea and I love it.

get creative

I hope you have fun copying these ideas and adding your own. No question, there are countless ideas out there that I’ll never think of so please share your ideas with us in the comments section below. We’d love to spread them to others so that all of us can creatively display the names of Christ year round.

This post originally appeared on the Ever Thine Home® blog.

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