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MomLife Today is a ministry outreach of FamilyLife®, whose mission is to develop godly marriages and families who change the world one home at a time. Since 1976, FamilyLife has seen God transform lives and restore hope through our nationally syndicated radio broadcast, FamilyLife Today®, Weekend to Remember® marriage getaways, The Art of Marriage®, Stepping Up® video events and small group series, our family of blogs and online content, and our biblically-based products and resources.

In 2008, a group of moms launched MomLife Today as a further outreach of the ministry of FamilyLife. As a donor-supported ministry, we hope you will prayerfully consider making a financial donation to partner with us in providing daily help and hope to others.

Thank you and be blessed.

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GodBlog: Homeward Bound

I think my description Friday was correct: I have spent the last weekend drinking from a fire hose! I am amazed at just how rapidly technology is changing and advancing. I am encouraged by those in the Christian community who are embracing this new media frontier and the unending possibilities of utilizing it to reach Continue »

BlogCon Mom

Yesterday I reminded my children that I was going away for the weekend. “Where are you going again?” my daughter asked curiously. “To the big GodBlog convention,” I reminded her. “Yeah, but where are you going exactly?” “Las Vegas,” I replied. At which point she gave me the most puzzled look and said (rightly so), Continue »