Relentless Gratitude

by Tracy Lane

“NO! I don’t want THAT shirt!” she screamed again, while the ticking minutes grew faster and fewer till the school bus arrived. Back to the closet to choose another option and of course, “THAT’s not the shirt either.”

“Mom, meatloaf? Yuck! I want chocolate chips for dinner!” Of course he does. Wouldn’t chocolate chips be such a wonderful dinner to indulge in nightly? You might be ready to enjoy a bowl yourself by the time bedtime creeps in.

Anyone else ever fought these ongoing battles with your children? How could our children be so ungrateful for the food that fills their plates, the clothes that fill their closets, and the piles of things they have to call their own?

It’s quite simple really: selfishness that leads to unthankfulness. It’s been written on their hearts from the beginning. It’s our job as mothers to teach our children true, heartfelt gratitude. But what if, like so many of us, you struggle with gratitude too? I’ll be the first to admit I left a heap of discarded clothing on the closet floor this morning because THAT shirt just wasn’t the right one either!

Sounds like many of us, moms and children alike, need a gratitude role model. Written & Remembered from Ever Thine Home® offers just that. Four stories of faith heroes who faced difficult, life-shattering challenges inspire others with their choice for relentless gratitude amidst the messes of this life.

We don’t have to have the right clothes, the right house, or the right life to be thankful. We just need to follow God’s command to “give thanks in all circumstances” (1 Thessalonians 5:18). And then we need to require the same of our children.
This Thanksgiving when it’ll be so easy to get caught up in the party décor and who’s clad in the cutest pantaloons, remind your family what gratitude really is about. It’s a valuable lesson that can last throughout the year.


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2 thoughts on “Relentless Gratitude

    • Well as an adult I look back at my childhood. And iam so greatful to have made this far with one beautiful daughter and two handsom sons.and when my son comes home every day am thankful that he’s made it safely home. When my phone rings and I hear my daughters voice on the end of the other line iam great ful to hear her voice one more time. It’s not like I can jump in my car and go visit on a daily bases because she lives in a whole two states over. As for my dear middle child iam just great ful to know that all is well with him, he finally graduates from college in 2015. When all odds were against him he looked towards God for strength and iam grateful to have been on my knees praying without ceasing for him. If he learned nothing else from me but run toward God in prayer I am so grateful. Thank you Jesus for teaching me and my children the true meaning of great fullness.

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