Who doesn’t like a giveaway!? And this is a big one… no, an epic one… no, an epic one of gargantuan proportions!

Based on what I hear and read, pretty much every stinkin’ one of us needs more time in every day. We are all so frazzled and harried with duties to tend to and conversations to manage, with seemingly less and less time to get done with so many things we know need to get done. What’s worse, we seem to not have time for the people in our lives.

When you read “GIVEAWAY—Time For You” what visions of loveliness danced through your head? What would “time for you” look like?

Were you thinking a quiet weekend on a deserted island? Ha!

Maybe Time For You conjured up the opportunity to finally have extra minutes in the day to do something not on your standard to-do list.

How about this… what if Time For You meant an opportunity to spend some quality, meaningful time with the family? Maybe not even something big and planned out meaningful, just some time to go in the back yard and have a picnic, or time to build a blanket fort and cuddle up and read.

To qualify to receive this Giveaway of Time For You, here is all you have to do. Write down how many minutes or hours you spend a day using social media of any type—including texting or talking on the phone. Write it all down, add it up, and jot down that final number.

Look at that number—that’s how much time you spend being “electronically social” and that is a choice you make every time you spend time on social media.

Whether or not you are the winner of this epic giveaway of Time For You is entirely up to you.

If you choose to stop participating in social media, you have just won Time For You. And may I suggest you “win” back this time at least two days a week?

Do you realize you could be a winner right now, and immediately share your winnings with your family?

As a matter of fact, shut down your electronic device, go find some blankets, grab some books, and make a blanket fort to beat all blanket forts and enjoy Time For You with your family right this very minute.

I have no doubt you will make your kids the happiest you have made them in a long time.

(And don’t you dare take a picture of it and post it online!)

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