King of Kings

Have your littles started compiling their not-so-little Christmas lists yet? How ironic is it that right in the middle of the month that we are focusing on gratitude and trying to teach them to be thankful for what they already have, everyone else is telling them it’s time to make that list and check it twice? Phew! Most days it feels like an uphill battle!

And most days, as a mom, it feels like we don’t have the time to make a list for ourselves. The Christmas budget money will likely be spent on those longer and longer lists, a new tie for the hubby, a mason jar brownie mix for the neighbor, and flour and butter to bake cookies for the teachers.

But what if this year there was something you could ask for? And something you could give. Something you’d know was really worth giving or receiving because it meant a little bit more.

Check out Ever Thine Home’s King of Kings necklace. A solid sterling charm shaped as a three-tiered crown is engraved with a precious name of Jesus—King of Kings—and laced on a thin leather cord. Simple, yet beautiful, it’s an easy way to add that special touch when you have time to spruce up. Or practical and durable enough for your new baby to teeth on… (Hey, I know I’m not the only one!) It’s the perfect gift for any woman you’re gifting for this season. And the perfect gift to add to your own list.


Truly eye-catching because of its uniqueness, the King of Kings necklace is a beautiful way to share Christ in a gift this season and in the day-to-day throughout the year.

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One thought on “King of Kings

  1. What perfect timing for the reminder of A) this should be the month to focus on being thankful and B) keeping my focus on the REAL meaning of Christmas.
    I just spent my lunch break recruiting family members to help me hunt down what appears to be the girl toy for Christmas and a toy that my daughter has specifically asked for.
    Thanks for reminding me to be thankful and remember the real reason for Christmas.

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