Untie Your Story

Just around the corner is the long trip to grandma’s for Thanksgiving. A day in the car filled with kids and countless requests can teach a lot. Traveling with your family from one city to another is like God moving us from our home to His.

Journeys are the same, whether going to grandma’s table or making our way to heaven. Both journeys require patience, a sense of direction, and a driver who knows that the feast at the end of the trip is worth the hassles along the way.

But so often we forget that those happenings along the way are stories worth telling. Moments worth remembering. We rush by them on the way to our destinations, never stopping to acknowledge that they may be at least as important as the destination itself.

So this year, as you knock knees under crowded tables and sneak the last scoop of mashed potatoes before washing the pot, stop to reminisce. Tell the stories that are waiting to be heard. Share what God is doing today and what He has done in the days before.

When it’s hard to bridge the generations or get the conversations started, Ever Thine Home makes it easy. Untie Your Story is 12 napkin ties that add a vintage feel to your holiday table. Each tie is imprinted with a question like “What little things are you thankful for today?” or “Describe something in your life that has taken time to develop for which you are thankful” to invite heart-bonding conversation.


Use Untie Your Story next month at your own family table. After the Thanksgiving meal has been enjoyed, the table will be clear. Legs will be propped up on the hearth of the warm fireplace and you’ll be drifting into an afternoon nap—content and thankful that you connected well and gave thanks for God’s continued faithfulness through shared stories of your lives.

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2 thoughts on “Untie Your Story

  1. I introduced these wonderful ties last year at our large family Thanksgiving dinner. Several people have asked if we still had them and would be doing them again, remarking how much they valued them. They precipitated wonderful sharing, possibly the most intimate ever at one of the many gatherings like this one we have ever had. I thought I saw that there were new ones for this year. Is that so? If so, do I get them here? When I say new, I mean with different prompts.

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    • Thank you so much for leaving this comment. What a wonderful testimony!

      Ever Thine Home did not come out with new prompts this Thanksgiving, but they will likely do so next year with new gratitude questions. They are planning other versions of Untie Your Story beyond Thanksgiving next spring/summer too.

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