In This Home We’re Thankful For…

by Tracy Lane

Some days when I walk into my house after a long day of work, I’m warmly welcomed by the funk of aging banana peels, mildewed towels souring in the washer, and a stinky pail full of dirty diapers. Before I can even reprimand myself for leaving so many chores left undone, I am happily greeted by a 2-year-old perched on the top step squealing, “Mommy!” and a 6-month- old doing her best to kick out of the sitter’s arms to reach me.

Pungent smells that scream of busyness and smiling faces that disclose the reason for the rush may likely tell the stories of your family’s day too. As winsome as that welcome is, our homes can still tell more.

In the hurried moments, it’s easy to forget to focus on what matters. And it’s easy to never get around to fun seasonal decorating and planning that all moms like to do.

The In This Home chalkboard is a perfect piece to focus your family on gratitude. It’s versatile enough to place on a kitchen counter or prop against the mantle. Keep a piece of chalk handy and have your family jot down daily gratitudes in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. You might even choose to move the chalkboard around the house to key places that leave special thank yous for each family member. And it’s a nice touch of holiday spirit that even the busiest families can find a spot for.

In This Home Chalkboard

This Thanksgiving, tell more of the story with your family. The smallest effort to focus your heart and theirs on gratitude will reap a great reward.

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