Barbara Shares a “Stress Paralyzed” MOMent

You’ve been there, right? You look around at all that needs to be done, you look around at the little faces that depend on you, and you think, There’s no way I can do this! Well, guess what? You’re right. You can’t do it. But here’s the good news: You can do all things through Christ (Philippians 4:13), and you’re not the only mom who feels this way. We’ve all been there!

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Serving With Your Family

Have you ever observed a need and thought to yourself… “Someone should do that…”? Maybe YOU are the someone. In the video above Tracey talks with Stephanie Buckley about how she started a Farmer’s Market and a library in her small community.

National Stepfamily Day

Did you know that Tuesday, September 16th is National Stepfamily Day? In honor of National Stepfamily Day, we are pleased to share this new video from FamilyLife Blended with you. If you have a stepfamily, do something special to celebrate the day. If you’re not in a blended family, reach out to someone who is and Continue »

More About Sexting and Cyberbullying

The middle school years are difficult. Both for our middle schoolers and for us as their parents. Have you noticed parenting getting harder as your children hit the tween and teen years? Dr. Brenda Hunter and Kristen Blair co-authored a book to help parents face the challenges of parenting this unique age… from cell phone Continue »

Gayla Grace Shares Encouragement for Stepmoms

  The journey to bonding as a stepfamily and learning to stepparent well means traveling along a bumpy road, but the beautiful destination is worth it. Hang in there, stepmoms! And for more encouragement, join us in Washington, D.C., in October for Blended and Blessed, hosted by FamilyLife Blended.