Generosity: Give ‘til It Helps!

My weekly “To Do List” has no space for interruptions. Yet there are times when guilt motivates me to make space.

Last Fall our church leadership launched a series on generosity: “Give ‘til it Helps!” So appropriate for the holiday season, I thought. I could give money to a worthy cause, empty my closets of gently worn clothing, and make shelf space by donating unused household items. I could be generous. Yet, I was challenged about being generous with my time. Ouch! Interruptions are scary.

A young woman named “Mia,” endeared herself to me. Mia has such a quick smile, shares helpful tips from her interior design business, and sparkles when speaking of her husband. We became fast friends.

Recently, Mia had an urgent need. Her decades old fight with a rare form of cancer had awakened. She needed assistance getting to her chemo appointments. My mind wondered: “Would I set aside a day to love a friend in need, foregoing my list of projects?” Christmas shopping. Repairmen coming. Dinner plans. Such a crowded agenda. So little time. Generosity called, “Mia needs a friend.”

We spent a total of ten hours in the hospital waiting rooms, infusion center, lab work, and at a doctor’s consultation. It was a long day but a pleasant surprise for me. I did not panic but made my presence peaceable while my friend anxiously waited. I learned that time means nothing, only the comfort of a friend.

Generosity is a gift one gives sacrificially. It knows no boundaries, times, and it may cost something. It is not relegated to a place on the calendar or open space on a to do list. It is just being generous.

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2 thoughts on “Generosity: Give ‘til It Helps!

  1. This is such a great post. A reminder of how important generosity is to those who give. Thank you for your time in writing to all of us. Such a needed awakening.

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  2. I loved this, Karen. Thanks for this reminder. My husband and I were just talking about something similar. A good friend of mine is in the hospital for pneumonia and I clearly felt the Lord's urge to stop what I was doing (working on a project) to call and pray with her and be there for her during this time. My prayer is that I will be a consistent loving friend at all times, never hesitating to stop and do.

    Loved this post! I'm sharing!

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