Lunch Chef Wanted

(Morning moms need not apply) It was always this time of year that I’d hit Sam’s Club with a vengeance to finally be the mom whose school lunches were legend. When my kids were small, there was always some crazy mom up at the crack of dawn carving her kid’s bread into flowers, dinosaurs, and Continue »

Helping Kids by Telling Stories

A friend was making friendly conversation with my oldest son during that “shake the hand of the person next to you” time in church. “You excited about moving to Africa?” “No.” Well—there’s a conversation killer. At least I don’t have to worry about that kid being a people-pleaser. I gently brought it up with my Continue »

Moving to Africa

Because many of you have been with me as I have been “growing up” in my motherhood, I am elated (and only slightly terrified) to reveal the next chapter: We’re moving to Africa. (And yes, we thought we’d take the kids.) Oh, the irony. Remember this post, about how God developed contentment in me to Continue »

Mean Girls: My Story

A few nights ago found me at a dinner theater, silently viewing the musical Annie from a darkened front-row table. I watched with mixed emotions: A lot of nostalgia, yes; but high school also marked the upturn of one of the most challenging years of my life, replete with ostracizing social experiences, mostly of a Continue »