Single Mom Spinning

One of the sweetest things I hear daily is, “Mom, watch this!” Usually it’s followed by another child saying, “Mom, watch me!” and yet another child bellowing, “Look here, Mom!  Watch me!!” Before I know it, I am spinning in circles — blissfully trying to watch all my children do various wonderful things! The other night I Continue »

“Do Right List”

Good manners are great gifts we give our children and one another. “Hello,” “thank you,” and “goodbye” are words that may garner a good response or even crimp a smile on the face. Besides encouraging good manners, I generated a “Do Right List” of a few things that are just plain right to do. We taught our Continue »

Learning to Trust Again

“Mom, I’m just so scared God won’t answer my prayer since He didn’t answer my prayers for Grandma,” my daughter sobbed.  I was shocked out of my reassuring answer. She had just verbalized my hidden fear.  When my mom had cancer we pleaded for healing, a miracle, but she still died.  Finding my voice again, Continue »

A Book of “Me”

As a fun teaching tool at our house — and you’ve probably heard of it before — I landed on the idea of making an age-appropriate “book” for each of my kids using a three-ring binder and a digital camera. This has been such an interactive way to encourage my kids, equip them, and make Continue »