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Don’t Look Away

Day after day we move through the moments doing what we are called to do. We get up, our feet hit the floor, and we push ahead. We choose where our thoughts will go, what we will focus on, and the lens we will view life through. Moment by moment. I don’t know if we Continue »

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Today we’re asking you to share Valentine’s Day gift ideas! What would your husband really like for Valentine’s Day? Find some fun ideas for Valentine’s Day here and then leave YOUR idea in the comments More happiness in your home. More closeness to God and others. More purpose in your day-to-day life. This is what Continue »

The Art of Marriage

When I first heard our church was hosting the Family Life “Art of Marriage” conference, I felt annoyed because we couldn’t go. $50 registration when our budget is tight? Friday night and all day Saturday when we have a busy schedule and a long list of home projects? No childcare when we have a three-year-old Continue »