Always a Mom

Summer is forest fire season in Arizona, and right now the fires are raging in full force. They’re front-page copy in many newspapers and first lead reports on hourly newscasts as we watch the drama of evacuations, lost homes, and grueling firefighting. What used to be a bystander’s curiosity has now turned into a personal Continue »

Shaunti Feldhahn on Modesty

Tracey chats with Shaunti Feldhahn about how her daughter was impacted by a recent talk about modesty. Were you surprised by anything in today’s video? Are you talking to your tweens and teens about modesty? Let’s discuss in the comments! For Young Women Only – What You Need to Know About How Guys Think Unlock Continue »

Daddy’s Little Girl

Father’s Day hasn’t always been an enjoyable experience for me. My parents divorced when I was eight years old. Before they separated I was “Daddy’s little girl,” but after the divorce, the time with my father was limited. That, plus the addition of a new stepmother and stepsiblings, changed everything. Late into my 30s, an excellent Continue »

MomLife in Israel

Have you ever seen another mom in a crowd of people and just for a MOMent you make a connection? You know, one of those, “I get it, and I’ve been there; I feel you, Mom. You can do it!” kind of connections. Just days ago I had a surreal experience of such a connection. I refer Continue »