How To Stop Whining

Gotcha! You thought because of the title of this post, I was gonna give you some hints on how to stop your children from whining. Well, I will throw that in shortly — but this is for you, Mom! Last week our guest post writer Jessica Fisher of Life As Mom wrote a lingering post where she Continue »

Becoming Relevant

Interruptions. Obstacles. Full Stops. Moments when God locks doors and makes the handles red hot to burn your fingers and keep you safe from going places you shouldn’t. Moments when your life changes forever. Has that ever happened to you? Does it feel painful when God tells you, “No … stop … wait. …”? It did Continue »

Divine Interruptions

No more diaper bags. My youngest was three and fully potty trained. I was so excited. For years, I knew God wanted me to write, but time and household responsibilities kept me putting my ideas in a purse next to my nightstand. I had written part of a manuscript and had two publishers looking at it. Returning from the Continue »

How to Stoop without Sighing

As a mom of young children, I can find myself sighing — too often, actually. The cries for “more milk,” “help me,” and “read to me,” can seem endless. And, all too often, I sigh because I’m being interrupted or delayed in a household task or a homeschooling assignment. I’m not talking about ecstatic or Continue »