First Week of Special Needs School

School started a week ago, but it seems more like a lifetime. My third grader is blossoming, and Rachel’s special needs classroom is a good environment. There isn’t much on the walls, so it’s not over-stimulating. It’s a big room with clearly designated play areas. There is even a connected bathroom. But I still feel Continue »

Being Normal

I received a note from a good friend who is reading the book Susan Yates and I wrote, “Barbara and Susan’s Guide to the Empty Nest.” She wrote, “Read more of the book last night and am so glad I did. I really drank in the chapter on loneliness. Between ministry and life stages I was so comforted Continue »

The MOMents List

Your Back-to-School Relief List So … how many plates do you have spinning in the air right now? Back-to-school supplies, back-to-school paperwork, carpool, after school activities, school clothing buying, snack planning, meal planning, fall sporting events, school calendar activity scheduling, reorganizing summer fun into fall responsibilities … and on and on. It can be totally Continue »

Back to School Guide

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