Why Does My Son Drive Me Crazy?

Do you have one of those children who continually seems to be active? Talks constantly? Always has questions? Wants to know, “What are we going to do now?” Is full of “what if’s” and “can we’s” and in general keeps you worn out at all times?

Yeah, I do, too.

From the time my son could toddle, he would walk over to the front door bang on it with his hand — bam, bam, bam — all the while declaring, “Ouside, ouside, ouside!” There have been times when he has just about driven me crazy!

However, he is also the one who has kept me moving and helped me continue to be a “fun mom” and not a “dud mom,” and for that I am quite grateful.

I must confess, here lately I have been getting to the “that kid is wearing me out” stage.

He went to Pine Cove camp recently for a whole week.

Man … was the house quiet.

Too quiet.

Made me realize anew how much I appreciate the young man God has made him to be — full of life, curiosity, joy, humor, rambunctiousness, and activity.

Interestingly, he is also the one abounding with sensitivity; he prays for others’ needs and looks out for those who are pushed around. He quietly does little favors for me without being asked and without looking for a pat on the back.

Yeah … I missed those qualities, too, last week.

It was odd. I didn’t like that his room sat vacant and his heavy steps and loud voice failed to echo through the trail he makes from the outdoors to the mud room to the refrigerator. I even missed the ever-present, “Hey, Mom, what’s there to eat?”

Amazing how the old adage is true: “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” And far too soon, his absence will be permanent, as in five short years, he will venture off to college and the future God has laid out before him.

Moms, just a little advice from this mom of teens — celebrate who your children are just the way God made them and soak up every wonderful, annoying, fabulous, mind-numbing facet of their personality … and imagine how God will use each fiber of their makeup to glorify Him and show love to others.

Gotta go! My son wants me to check out the mud pit. I am going to try to think about all the women who pay hundreds of dollars for such treatment in the finest of foo, foo la, la spas.

Yeah, right. I’m going to wallow in the mud like a pig with my son because I am determined to remain a fun mom and create memories!

A mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do!

And hey, you there, reading this post and wondering how to apply it to your day today — ask your toddler if he wants to be your makeup artist and apply your makeup for you today. Oh yeah, been there!

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