My Adult Children

“Lord, teach me how to pray for my adult children. I know You are greater than anything they face. Thank You that my prayers for them have power because You hear me and will answer. I pray You will guide and protect them and help them to become all they were created to be.”

Stormie Omartian’s book, “The Power of Praying for Your Adult Children,” has been my constant resource as I learn appropriate boundaries with my four married adult children. Parent? Counselor? Friend? Confidant? I have gotten in such a bind discerning how to relate to these maturing adults respectfully and appropriately.

I must confess that knowing how to relate as the parent of adult children at times has been painful. I have found my “foot in my mouth” more than once. I have eaten a lot from the “I’m sorry” stew pot!

Recently, there was a sticky incident where my quick response, via phone texting, soured a relationship. Unfortunately, not speaking by telephone exasperated the situation, which was far from my intent. I now have declared a moratorium on texting or emails when verbal communication is needed. On another occasion, I was reminded that adult-to-adult conversation is warranted. It is inappropriate to treat another adult as if he or she is an adolescent. As adults, they are responsible and accountable for themselves. I realize my tone of voice and conversation content should be marinated with respect for who they are growing to be. Regrettably, sometimes I forget.

Well, the adage, “talk to God before you talk to others,” is an apt reminder. My commitment to pray for my adult children is awakened.

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