Holiday Travels

Ah, the holidays. Traveling and so much more …

On a recent trip to visit family, my younger daughter Rachel had a wonderful time. Being severely autistic, travel often stresses Rachel and can be difficult on everyone involved. This time, though, she found a friend. My niece’s 36″ stuffed duck, to be exact. Everywhere we went, “Ducky” had to come. So, when it came time to leave, hubby and I held our breaths because Ducky would not be going on the road with us.

For six hours we listened to Rachel alternate between heart-wrenching whimpers and ear-drilling screams. Already we’d called a friend and Grandma to put them on the hunt for a replacement. But, oh the joys of technology! As my nerves unraveled to their very center I pulled out hubby’s fancy phone and Googled giant stuffed ducks. Five days later a new Ducky—the very last one on—arrived on our doorstep. Yes, we were a great deal poorer and wished Rachel had fallen in love with a much smaller friend, but, as they say, desperate times and all that.

Rachel loves “Duh Duh,” as she calls him. He sits with her and they share private conversations. He waves goodbye when she leaves for school and watches over her while she sleeps at night. She even built him a nest out of Kleenex.

As a mom, I can see in my own heart how much I love my girls and the extent I will go to help them. How much more does God love us! Thank you, Lord, for providing Ducky.

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