Returning to “Our World”

On June 13th, our family and the Mutz family were snatched out of our normal routines much like the Pevensie children were suddenly snatched out of the London railway station back into the other world of Narnia as told in the book, Prince Caspian.  Only instead of landing on a bright sunny warm beach, our Continue »

Touched by Molly

Editor’s note: On June 19, Barbara and Dennis Rainey’s newborn granddaughter Molly lost her fight for life after only six days on this earth. After struggling with Rebecca and Jacob through the full range of emotions, it was time to come back home. But things were not the same. Today we flew home, Dennis and Continue »

Hope in the Sunset

Like my MomBlog colleagues, I’ve been praying and grieving for the loss of baby Molly. Today I read Dennis Rainey’s touching email about his tiny granddaughter’s last day on this side of eternity. I cried the whole way through the note, thinking of this extended family’s loss. However, Dennis’ note had such hope, such joy Continue »

“Never, Lord!”

I admit that for me, this MomBlog is all about the joy of being a mother and having a positive outlook on life while resting in the knowledge that God’s got my back. Today is one of those days where I can fully relate to Peter and I feel like screaming, “Never, Lord! This shall Continue »

Warrior Friends

The most recent post of my dear friend, Barbara Rainey, concerning the birth of their newest granddaughter struck my heart. Little Molly Ann faces insurmountable medical crises that, without a miracle from God, may soon make heaven her home. I wept, prayed, and I have to admit, I worried for my friend. I went to Continue »

Waiting on Heaven

It is early Sunday morning and our daughter and her husband and Dennis and I have gotten the worst kind of news. Their new little daughter has multiple problems all from one malformation: an aneurysm in a vein in her brain. We spent most of Saturday in tears after the meeting with the team of Continue »

Yum! Humble Pie.

Sometimes I am so discouraged, even scared, by my daily, hourly failures as a mom. What will my kids become with a mom like me? I wonder. Who in their right mind would Snap at a 2- or 3-year-old? Tell someone who is whining to “please stop whining!“ in a, well, whining voice? Expect a Continue »

Summer Vacation

Have you noticed all the articles and news stories about how adults are packing too much into their lives and that we all need to learn to relax? Experts report that stress levels are at an all time high, we are attached to our hand-held electronic devices and computers, and we never actually take a Continue »